What Value has good Product Management?

Do any of these sound familiar?

Exec: “Despite all the investment in developing the product, progress seems interminably slow. Why?

Sales: “The gap between commercial and engineering is enormous, no one listens to my requests.

Founder: “We have a great value proposition, but our prospective customers aren’t always convinced.

Engineer : “There’s no focus. What we are asked to do keeps changing and it’s not clear to me why we are doing half of these.

Support: “We have the same issues from customers time after time, they may be small beer, but they never get fixed!

Marketing: “We need more meaningful content that’s of real interest to people to attract more visits, trials and sales leads.

Then you need better product management.

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Understand the market

The first step to a winning product strategy is to understand your chosen market. What is it that customers really want? What job are they trying to get done? And that will change depending on the market segment, so pick one where the competition isn’t too fierce and you really do have the capabilities to deliver true customer value.

Get focus

There are always hundreds of ways to improve your product and no shortage of good ideas, but more progress is made on a narrower front.

Pick the things that you have confidence will have the highest impact across your target customer persona that you can actually deliver, based on data and evidence. Avoid HiPPO’s!

Communicate and evangelize

A product strategy only happens when everyone understands and buys in to it. It’s hard work to spread the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ repeatedly and widely across your organisation: listening as much as talking, often 1-to-1, internally and externally.

Iterate for higher customer value

The first product is, well, the first product, so clearly not perfect. Collect feedback, usage data, talk and listen to customers, promoters as well as the luke warm. Select key areas for enhancements and improved user experience. The higher the product-market fit, the more customers you’ll win and retain, the more value they will receive and, with the right pricing model, the more they’ll be prepared to pay you.