Freelance Product Consultant

William Orme
With 15 years as a Senior Product Strategist at ARM Ltd. and 2 years as Head of Product at RealVNC Ltd., William now provides product management consultancy services as a freelance professional.
With managerial experience and technical knowledge in the digital world, he offers the ability to analyse markets and define product strategies to transform your business.

Consulting Services

William is an analytical, strategic manager skilled in the art of product management. A dedicated, innovative professional with an extensive business development track record within competitive markets. He is a highly experienced leader, capable of building and coaching product management teams. William is a professional, collaborative communicator focused on building relationships and promoting synergy across business lines to drive positive change, comprehensive holistic product strategies, growth and enhanced profitability.

Skills & Achievements

Product Strategy

  • Set product strategy and roadmap across the software product portfolio to maximize IMR resulting in key customer engagement metrics doubling every year, with £6m annualized MRR.
  • Prioritized product development to maximize product-market fit, optimize user experience, improve customer journeys for key persona, resulting in product-market fit score >70 and 90-day Net Promoter Score >50.
  • Assessed product value to customers, then rebranded and refocused an entire product line. Managed revenue and cost budgets, doubling the revenue for the product line from $23m to $46m pa, with no rise in costs.
  • Developed & implemented project plans and led design & deployment of new products for clients through technological innovation on their existing product portfolio.
  • Drove acquisitions to expand the engineering capability and product portfolio with innovative new products to grow the business and deliver customers a fuller solution with less time and effort.

Team Leadership

  • Built a new product management team, established best practice methodologies and deployed customer engagement and feature prioritisation tools: Aha!, Survey Monkey, Google Analytics and Hubspot to deliver the business plan.
  • Coached and trained junior product managers to raise standards of operations, drive marketing engagement, capitalize on key strengths to bring to market better, more profitable products.
  • Led and grew a team from 4 to 20 direct reports. Formed and managed a cross-functional, multi-company program to build and successfully deliver a new product line.

Market Analysis

  • Carried out competitive market analysis, customer interviews, surveys and in-product data collection to identify key market segments, customer needs and set a clear value proposition for SaaS products.
  • Identified and described key customer persona, segmented the market for our products and services, mapped customer journeys, their pain points and defined product roadmap to match.
  • Formed long-term, mutually beneficial, commercial and technical relationships with tier 1 global customers, working closely with Sales and FAEs, to understand their requirements and deliver a 2x NPV Return on Investment.

Product communication

  • Product collateral generation, web & digital marketing, webinars, press and public speaking, generating product revenues of $50M in 5 years.
  • Drove product adoption by 3rd party vendors across the industry to leverage customer value many times higher and thus doubling product revenues in 3 years.
  • Communicated product roadmaps and strategic motivation to execs, engineering, support, sales and marketing teams as well as direct to customers, listening and adapting where necessary.

Career Summary

Head of Product – 2 years
RealVNC Ltd · Cambridge, UK – Inventors and leading provider of remote access software

Senior Product Strategist – 9 years
ARM Ltd · Cambridge, UK – No.1 provider of IP to the semiconductor industry

Senior Product Manager – 7 years
ARM Ltd · Cambridge, UK

Program Manager – 5 years
ARM Ltd · Cambridge, UK

Project Manager – 4 years
General Information Systems Ltd · Cambridge, UK – Smartcard technology providers

Project Engineer – 2 years
HS Elettronica Progetti Spa · Bologna, Italy – Product innovation and technology consultants

Senior Design Engineer – 5 years
Data Logic Ltd · London, UK – One of the UK’s top two systems houses