Product Strategy:

  • Value proposition definition
  • Roadmap feature prioritisation
  • Product pricing to win in chosen market segments

Team Leadership:

  • Recruitment, coaching and team development of best practice product managers and UX experts.
  • Oversight of full product lifecycle management
  • Deployment of product management processes and tools

Business Planning:

  • Business case preparation
  • ROI calculations based on sales opportunities, development costs and timescales
  • Collection and tracking of SaaS metrics

Market Analysis:

  • Discovery of buyer persona and user journeys
  • Collection of customer feedback, sales and usage data
  • Competitive analysis
  • Requirement prioritisation
  • Building client relationships


  • Internal dialogue on market requirements and product strategy
  • External roadmap presentation and expectation setting
  • OKR and KPI reporting

Product Promotion

  • Generation of value proposition collateral
  • Content generation for web & digital marketing
  • Writing blogs and presenting webinars
  • Press and public speaking